Kabayama Bushidokan Testimonials

During my beginnings of my studies, I was fortunate to have a teacher who was a knowledgable practioneer, creative instructor and an exceptional human being—that person is Makoto Kabayama

Paul Irish
JKD Instructor

Jeet Kune Do is an ever-growing personal art that is MMA for the street!
It’s combat and training methods are unparalleled by any of the other arts out there.
Makoto Kabayama is my first JKD instructor. He has a world of experience in so many martial arts, philosophies and combat training methods.
He is a sage street fighter with both killer instinct, and a natural knack for teaching.
I have known and trained with Makoto for 20 years, and he is one of the best, open minded martial artists I know.  Anyone who has met and trained with him would think likewise.

Peter Chassikos
JKD Instructor

You will not find a better JKD instructor in Canada. Period.
After spending 20 years studying with Makoto Kabayama,  I am still impressed not only with his dedication to the arts but his research and development of its practice and functionality.
Despite all the fads in the industry, he has remained cutting edge by staying true to what works—and this has served his students.
Makoto teaches to adapt the martial arts to what works for you—and that is rare in any art.
JKD Concepts transcends martial arts, and Makoto has provided me both with the tools to defend myself but more importantly- with a philosophy with which to approach life that has been invaluable.

Grant Sawyer
Full Instructor-JKD Concepts
Toronto, Ontario

A fearsome fighter against injustice and an amazing teacher with a track record for producing excellent martial artists, Makoto Kabayama exemplifies all of the best qualities of a great instructor.
After two decades of sharing his Jeet Kune Do with people seeking answers to combative and self-defense questions, he continues to inspire and his JKD has never stopped evolving and adapting to solve problems, both old and new. His keen understanding of all of the martial arts runs as deep as the love and loyalty felt by the many seekers of knowledge he has touched throughout his career.

Dave Moon
JKD Senior Apprentice
Toronto, Ontario

Years ago, I walked in to the Kabayama Bushidokan and was struck by the seeming paradox created by the realistic, effective martial science and the profound philosophy that permeated it. And Makoto Kabayama continues to blow my mind with to this day! Want to learn about the real fight, striped of politics, myth, trends and bravado?
Then train Jeet Kune Do at the Kabayama Bushidokan.
No two classes are the same and you won't be either.

Tim Wilson.
Toronto Police Dept.

As a support worker in a homeless shelter, my training in the art of Jeet Kun Do has provided me with much guidance in mental growth as well as physical. I have applied much of my Martial arts training to Crisis intervention, and peaceful conflict resolution with great success thanks to Makoto’s training, I’m forever grateful.

Dan W
Support Worker

“Nip Kicks” [re Makoto] is one of those rare individuals who have found their true calling in life. No fuss no muss just pure impact. Combining “flow” with sensitivity, his JKD Concepts is the most efficient comprehensive fighting system out there.
[JKD Concepts] Taught by a master teacher, practitioner and, friend to all, the KABAYAMA BUSHIDOKAN is a true gem amongst gems.

Michael Bodo
JKD Student

I had studied Martial Arts for 11years before meeting Makoto Kabayama.  I was immediately convinced that I had found ‘the real thing’ in terms of an instructor.  I was from the very beginning; learning to apply structure and ever improving mechanics to real time fight conditions.  The theory and the technique that I learned form Makoto in those first months stripped away so many misinterpretations and false confidence that I had developed in my previous training.  It left me with functional skills and an openness of character that I hadn’t previously experienced.

Over time, it was Makoto’s philosophy and spirit that I wanted to cultivate in my own life.  Many people have maintained ‘Buddha’ as a nick name for Makoto, and I for one think that he has earned it.  I have tried over the years to emulate him, to use analogy to teach and to try to find the individuals perspective, and speak to them through it.  I will spend the rest of my life training; in the martial arts, the arts of community and of appreciation, as a result of Makoto Kabayama’s teachings.

In all my 28 years of training I have met very few martial artists of Makoto’s combative caliber and even fewer who share his shining, warm character.  I am proud to be a student of his and grateful for the opportunity to share his teachings as one of his JKD Family Instructors.

Shawn Zirger
Full Instructor PFS
Instructor JKD Family

I began training under Makoto in 1998.  Like many, my work keeps me busy and my  attendance has been sporadic at best, yet Makoto’s program allows one to develop skills and proficiency at a wickedly fast rate.

Makoto does considerably more than teach people how to defend themselves and their loved ones.  One of the most valuable skills I learned from him is how to coach.   If not for having learned what I did through Makoto I would likely not be able to perform at the level I do in my chosen profession.

John  C, CrossFit Instructor

Makoto Kabayama has been an inspiration to me both as a martial artist and as a person. Makoto has demonstrated this not only to me but as well to countless others over the years. His talent and commitment to the training of the individual, both physically and mentally; in how to survive one of the most intense and scariest moments of one’s life, the fight, is above par. Makoto has the ability to make every situation, scenario, or drill into a moment which is fun, informative and eye opening.

In an age when many are out to negatively outdo one another at the cost of their integrity and of their art; Makoto Kabayama positively stays true to his teachings, his own instructors and to the student.  It is certainly a blessing that someone such as Makoto Kabayama who is knowledgeable, talented, humble, and inspiring continues to teach and believe in his students.

Students such as me can consider ourselves lucky to study and train with Makoto and his very modern curriculum of Jeet Kune Do Concepts.

Andre Z
Apprentice Instructor


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